from 7/21/14

Name: Patrick Tonge  
Age: 50
Occupation: IT Engineer  
Hometown: El Dorado, CA
Favorite WOD:  Still learning them…..I'Ve only done a handful.   
Least favorite WOD: WALL BALLS!!!  

Favorite lift:  Full Snatch

How long have you been Crossfitting?  ONE YEAR, since July 15, 2013

Which class time do you usually attend? 5:30pm Evening classes mostly, and Saturday 9am!!!

How did you find Crossfit?  A CrossFit members dad told me about CrossFit Cameron Park

What is your athletic background?  High School and JC Pole Vaulter
Has Crossfit changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness?  Wow… Yes!!  I pretty much stopped working out in my mid twenties as I got in my 30 and 40's I kept telling myself I better start doing some physical activity before my body "shuts down" on me.  When I hit 49 1/2 I found CrossFit CP and I have never looked back!!  I've never been over weight, I've been 6ft 165lbs since I was 25.  Thing was, I was mushy and weak.  One year later going to CrossFit CP, 4-6 times a week, my body is now once again toned.  Trying to still get stronger…..  Now my body is in "shape", I can finally start "training" again.  My JC track coach always would tell us during our work-outs that "The mind is willing, BUT, the body is Weak".  I've never lost that thought and don't want to be in that state again.  Working to get my "body" stronger.

What motivates/inspires you? Honestly, I get inspired most everyday by my fellow CrossFitters!!  Seeing them work hard makes me want to as well.

Name one goal/personal achievement that you would like to achieve through Crossfit: Get stronger and gain some weight.  It would be cool to "bench" 200lbs.

Hobbies/interests outside of Crossfit? Watching my kids participate in sports.  Indy Cars.  Camping.  A good Nap!!

What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit experience? So, your bring back memories.  After my first session at Crossfit I went home and sat in my chair.  I didn't feel too good and just sat there for like an hour and  a half.  As I recall this happened everyday for the first 2-3 days.  Physically I wasn't in very good shape.  I am not sure why I kept going back "the next day".  I guess I wanted to give my body a fighting chance to "carry on".    

What is your favorite cheat food?  Wow!! I like most ALL food.  Ice Cream is always good!  

Tell us something about you that most people wouldn’t know:  I had dinner with Archie Bunker and knew "Grandpa Walton"  

Any advice for new members? Take it slow and don't push too hard.  You will get there!!