Name:  Carolyn Straight


Age: Older than most people think ; ) (51)


Occupation: A Mom and everything that comes with that (doctor, chauffeur, bank, chef, alarm clock, you get the picture.)


Hometown: Shingle Springs, at the moment, but that can change.


Favorite WOD: I like Murph (except for the run.)  I also like finding our CrossFit totals.


Least favorite WOD: Anything that involves wall balls, burpees, running or box jumps.


Favorite lift:  Snatch, baby! Still need a lot of work on them, but like doing them, even when I land on my butt. :)


How long have you been Crossfitting? Since the garage days! I believe that would be five years, right Scott?


Which class time do you usually attend? Late morning class: 9 am. Love my morning peeps.


How did you find Crossfit?  7+ years ago, my husband did it in our home garage with friends.  They continued for a few years as I listened to the clanging and banging in my garage, thinking they were crazy.  I would faithfully attend my HIIT classes and run on the treadmill at the local global gym. A few years later, my friend convinced me to try CrossFit.  I loved it, trading in my gym membership for a CF Box.


What is your athletic background? I played team sports in elementary school, but wasn't very good.  In college I took a weightlifting class and discovered how much I enjoyed it.  As an adult, I also discovered swimming and road cycling. 



Has Crossfit changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness?   Yes, yes, yes! CrossFit allows me to do all the other fun stuff: backpacking, hiking, kayaking, cycling, occasional skiing and my favorite, eating...a lot of eating. 


What motivates/inspires you? My faith, my family, my friends...and not looking at the WOD before arriving to class. 


Name one goal/personal achievement that you would like to achieve through Crossfit: I want to be consistent with my double unders. I also want to walk into retirement age strong, healthy and with full mobility so I can continue enjoying the great outdoors.


Hobbies/interests outside of Crossfit? Outdoor fun.  I love the mountains and the beach and am always looking for an adventure and/or road trip.


What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit experience? I'm gonna die...why am I paying to torture myself..I love this...I can't get enough (well, I only think that after I've finished the WOD, refueled, rested and forgotten about the pain.)


What is your favorite cheat food? Buckets of ice cream topped with caramel, copious amounts of whipped cream and nuts (my tummy isn't too sure about that one.)


Tell us something about you that most people wouldn’t know: At one point in my life I weighed over 190 pounds.


Any advice for new members?  Stick with it. We all have to start somewhere.  You may feel like it is too hard, but don't give up.  As you continue, you will see and feel the improvement.  It is always a challenge, but if it ever becomes easy, then you aren't going to see or feel the results. Try to workout at least three times a week and eat clean.  It's worth the time and effort if you want results.