Our Story

We started as out of shape, ex athletes who started getting back into fitness to feel better. Learning to lift weights correctly changed our lives, so we wanted to share what we learned to help our friends live better and more healthy lives. We went to school to become Personal Trainers and received the knowledge and experience to share what we became passionate about. We started doing Personal Training out of our garage and it grew into a CrossFit affiliate. With group classes we figured we could help more people at once while charging less.

Over the past 9 years we have continued to learn and find other individuals who have the same passion to join our coaching staff. We love to help others make life changing improvements to live more fulfilling, healthier lives. 


Opened in 2010

Since 2010 CrossFit Cameron Park has been helping clients get into great shape and helping them move better.  We strive to make each class the best hour of your day and provide the best fitness to increase the quality of our clients lives. We work hard together and have fun together, each workout is easier with a great group of friends by your side.