“Scott and Megan,

August 1, 2018 marks my 4-year anniversary with CFCP. Four years ago, I walked into your gym having never lifted a barbell, having no clue about CrossFIt, and having no idea what I was getting myself into. Although I was nervous and hesitant about doing CrossFit, and I struggled with the lingo (which I’m happy to say I finally understand, after four years!), I ALWAYS felt supported, encouraged, and motivated to do my best. You guys have created such an awesome environment and I always look forward to going to class, all of my stress will disappear and I will feel so grateful that I came to the class. I cannot thank both of you enough for having such a positive impact on my life, physically, mentally, and emotionally! Please accept this small gift as my token of appreciation for all that you do for me, as well as all of the other CFCP members.

With love and fondness, “

“This is my one-year anniversary from starting Crossfit. I am hooked and have gotten much stronger and fitter. Lost a couple inches from my waste and cholesterol dropped from 240 to below 200- my weight is about the same but body fat down to 14%. Being an older guy (58) I was in OK shape before with running, hiking, and skiing/snowshoeing, but needed to ramp it up and apprehensive/somewhat intimidated at first because I never did much with weights, gymnastics, or high intensity workouts. I also had shoulder soreness and mobility issues. Overall I encourage more of us "silvers" to join- Scott and Megan are great with accommodating and encouraging progression, rather than pushing too far too fast. The people that attend are also great and encouraging, and the wide range of strength/fitness skills of attendees in the classes really works.”

“I've been going to CFCP since Aug 1, 2014 and it has been life-changing for me. Megan and Scott are very supportive and know how to encourage me to push myself both physically and mentally. Yes, I have lost weight and my body composition has changed quite a bit, but more importantly, I have gained so much self-confidence and am part of a wonderfully supportive crossfit family. Thank You, CFCP!!”

“I've been coming to Crossfit Cameron Park for over a year now and it's really changed my life! Scott and Megan are great, they treat you like family and are really fun to be around! I never would have thought I could improve my physical strength to this degree! Everyone is so motivating and welcoming and I've made a lot of friends along with improving my health and strength! I love Crossfit it never gets boring and is always a challenge! I look forward to continuing my journey with Crossfit Cameron Park and accomplishing my goals this year!”

"CrossFit Cameron Park Rocks! The coach's are knowledgeable & always ready to help you perform at your best! I am blessed to have this box my crossfit home & my 2nd family! The owners Scott & Megan Reynolds are absolutely the mos amazing people. It shows in the atmosphere & in all those who also call it home!"