If your new to CrossFIt we will have you meet with a coach and help you decide what will work best towards your goals.  Each new member will work on mastering the basics before we add in more complicated movements. 

60 Minute Fitness Consultation 
Sit down with a coach and discuss your goals and fitness background, then learn some of the movements we do and go through an assessment workout.

Personal Training 
On your Schedule we will get you to your goals. With individual coach and program attention, this will be the fastest way to jump you forward on your fitness journey. We can customize the movements to exactly fit what you need to get results.


CrossFit Classes 
CrossFit in a group setting is a fun, and social way to push harder than you can if its just you alone. We may require a number of skill sessions or Personal Training Classes before you join our CrossFit Classes.

Skill Sessions
These are 30 minute personal training sessions focused on a specific skill that you want to improve on or for learning skills required in group classes.