A feel like such a bitch. People I love and respect yelling and cheering for me. Telling me to pick up the bar and do another rep. I want to more than anything and I don't  want to let them down, but I can't breathe, can't even see straight. 

I have different emotions after these Open workouts, I'm really proud of what I accomplished but also disappointed I couldn't do better. Maybe I should of done more sprints on the bike, maybe did c2b fran a few times or more heavy squat cleans. 

I didn't notice it until I got a few comments but we didn't have the same energy in the gym Friday night for 19.5. I think the reason was because of the workout. It wasn't fun, wasn't exciting, no one did their 1st bar muscle up or 1st pull up, and that's ok. (I love when someone gets a 1st) 19.5 was a test of fitness but also much more, it was one of the toughest mental challenges I've experienced in a gym. 

Sometimes in life, as adults we do things that we don't want to do, for many different reasons but we do them anyway.  No one wanted to do this workout, we knew it would be hard and it got hard fast!  I bet if we look on the leader board next week, in the world, way less enter scores for this workout than any of the others.  Some of us rx these workouts and some scale, but we all train to be our best.  

For this last workout we should all be proud that we are strong enough mentally to start such a daunting obstacle, and proud that we could keep doing work when not wanting to. Proud to do 20 minutes of work after being punished physically and challenged after only the first set. 

When we challenge ourselves like this and stick with it, keep working towards our goals even after getting punched in the mouth it makes us better people, this workout specifically and also our training in general pushes us to be stronger mentally. We can handle short term discomfort for long term gains. 

We should all be proud of ourselves and not have any regrets as long as we did our best. Be happy for what you accomplished even if you didn't get the score you wanted.  Just showing up makes us better. We challenge ourselves and help each other through these challenges, even if you didn't do this workout, if your apart of the community you helped others. We are small but mighty and I love our crossfit family.  I know that any normal work or life task most likely is going to be a piece of cake in comparison to what we just went through.