Intramural Open 2019

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For those of you who are new to the CrossFIt Open and have been asking questions at the gym, the CrossFIt Open and Cfcp Intramural Open are not one in the same but our intramural open is piggy backed off of the CrossFIt Open workouts.

The CrossFIt Open is one workout a week for 5 weeks and for $20 you can register and see where you end up on the leader board. It is really a cool and motivating experience to do the same workout as thousands or hundreds of thousands of other athletes around the world. Many athletes will do something they didn’t think they could do. The Open is also a great yearly test to see where we are at from year to year. At CFCP we will be doing the open workouts on Friday’s as the regular class workout and we usually have a make up time over the weekend if needed. Register for the CrossFit Open at The Open is a lot of fun and you will end up with some good memories! Read more about the CrossFit Open.

For the Intramural Open at Cfcp we divide up into 4 teams and each Friday we do the CrossFit Open workouts. Each team will have a captain and just for fun we will compete against each other in a 5 week competition. Each team score will be based on your Open workout score but also there are points available for showing up, wearing your teams color, judging etc. Each member will be able to help their team. We don’t charge anything at this point for the Intramural Open although it is a lot of work. (maybe next year). There are different divisions, for different skill levels and ages.

The points will all have to be entered by yourself into the triib ap. Your score for your workout will be calculated by the system after you enter your workout score. It will be done the same way as entering your score each day. Here are the other ways that points will be available this year.

Judging - 4 points each (12 points max each week) This is in the ap on a sliding scale. judge one time, slide it over to 4 points, judge twice, slide it over to 8 points. When judging you are responsible for making sure the athlete you are judging preforms proper movement standards, does the workout correctly and you are responsible for counting reps correctly. Everyone else is responsible for cheering.

Team Color - Each team has their own color to show team spirit. 4 points on a sliding scale for wearing your team color.

Friday Night Attendance - 3 Points for doing the workout anytime on Friday, 3 points for being there Friday night, even if its just to judge, or cheer. 6 points max on a sliding scale.

Social Media Picture - 4 points for posting a picture of yourself or gym family. POSTING in the CFCP member group doesn’t count!!

Bring a Friend or family member - 2 Points for having a friend or family member (Non Member) come to watch you do the workout on Friday night. 3 Points for bringing a friend to the Saturday workout. The 5 Saturday workouts during the open are free for friends and family. Make sure they just have a waver on file. The same person can come to each workout but points are only given one time for each different person.

Best Attendance - The team with the most Friday evening members gets a bonus at the end. 5 Points for each week!

Theme nights - more to come