"I am the type of person that__________"

 "I am the type of person that__________"

This is a idea I picked up recently from a podcast or audio book that I have been thinking about. I believe positive self talk goes a long way towards becoming successful towards your goals, what ever they may be.  If you tell yourself that I am the type of person that does something in certain situations, you have decided in advance and you don't  have to consider another option that will take yourself in the wrong direction. What type of person do you want to be? Here are a few ways to finish the sentence above I want to keep telling myself.

loves and takes care of my family

does what I expect of myself even when no one is watching.

finishes the last round of a work out or end of a amrap with everything I have.

works hard to become stronger and move better.

stays away from sweets in social situations.

is always learning.

watches educational t.v. instead of crap.

is always working to improve my self and those around me.